Welcome to St Andrew's, Cobham. We are Cobham’s parish church and our aim is to know Jesus, and to make him known. We offer a host of activities for adults and children. Please explore our website to find out more. We hope to see you soon.

Space to love and be loved


Lent reminds of the period that Jesus spent in the wilderness, adjusting to life without home comforts and aligning himself fully with God before starting his ministry.

We may give up something like chocolate or alcohol but let us not do that simply because it makes us feel virtuous, helps our diet, saves us money or even so we can give that money to charity, good though those might be. The best use, like Jesus, is to seek to become more aware of God in our lives, more aware of his calling for us, to align ourselves with him. We might give up something, edible or not, in a similar way to fasting, so that whenever we think of it we try to turn our minds to God. Or we might take on something extra like reading the Bible every day, or joining a Lent Study Group. Or maybe stopping doing something so we can use the time for prayer. 

Or maybe your life is so full, even if of worthy activities, that God is just saying whoa! pause & spend some time with me, and, by the way, your child would like a bedtime story and your spouse would like a date-night, it’s OK, love them like I love you.

This Lent, try to spend a little more time with God, and with those you love and make space for him to draw you nearer to him and know that you are loved too.

DWG, a webmaster.

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